Company Overview

company overview

Hennessy Defense is a Team of highly experienced Capture and Proposal Professionals focused on Defense, Intel, and Civil opportunities. The current team includes over 60 professional Executive Leaders, Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Volume / Section Leads, Program Managers, Solution Architects, System / Project / Test Engineers, Proposal Writers, Graphics, and Publications

Our consultants work side-by-side with your team to develop winning solutions, discriminating offers, and 100% compliant and compelling proposals. Our consultants are hand-selected “A” Players that will do whatever it takes to win.

We work using your processes or we can bring proven Capture and Proposal Processes to ensure early focus on critical actions that significantly improve Pw and efficient proposal implementation. We focus on making sure your win themes are clear, your offer is compelling, and your proposal is 100% compliant.

We offer Capture and Proposal Training Classes to change your culture from reactive proposal submissions to proactive captures. Hennessy Defense has a variety of curriculums depending on your needs. We offer 2 Day Capture Training, 2 Day Proposal Training, Abbreviated 1 Day Capture/Proposal Overview training, and focused 4 Hr and 2 Hr sessions on everything from Price-to-Win to Customer Engagement. We offer Earned Value Management Training for Cost Account Managers and for Executive Leadership. Training can take place at your facility or an off-campus location. Classes are tailored to your company need and your market to ensure maximum training effectiveness.

Hennessy Defense provides high level strategic guidance in certain core markets. We provide strategic planning, business development, pipeline analysis, and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) support. We provide clear “go to market” strategies with a solid understanding of the competition. With certain Government customers we can provide introductions and analysis but with many of the large primes we have strong customer relationships that can be leveraged for your growth. Our experts can perform a detailed review all the opportunities on your pipeline. We can also support the new business analysis of your M&A efforts.

Our team has extensive experience to help you with execution of your core programs. One of the key areas of focus is Start-Up reviews. Our “greybeards” understand what it takes to get a large program off to the right start. Many Government studies have concluded that most programs that are having problems were not started correctly with a detailed and achievable program plan. Putting together the right Program Plan with a good Integrated Master schedule can make the difference between a successful program and unsuccessful program. We also understand how to prepare for upcoming recompetes to ensure you are in the #1 position to win the recompete.

We support all aspects of growing your business.

How We Help Win

Features Benefits
  • Majority of Consultants have 20+ Years working captures and proposals
  • Proven templates for Capture Plan
  • Comprehensive Annotated Outline template
  • Effective and comprehensive Storyboard template based on Power Point
  • Our consultants understand what it takes to win in this very competitive environment
  • Our wide ranging experience covers almost every major Government agency and opportunity type
  • Our team includes experts for every phase of your strategic growth plan
  • We jump in and get the job done – no wasted time or money on learning curve
  • Simple but effective templates drive consistency over all your captures and simplifies decision making
  • Eliminates false starts, wasted writing, and authors who don't know exactly what is expected
  • Ensures very heavy focus in on anchor graphics and section theme. Defines discriminating points, features/benefits/proof, and 100% compliance with RFP. Simplifies peer reviews and management reviews
  • A team you can count on 24/7. A team that knows how to handle high pressure situations
  • We can often provide you SME level expertise for your particular customer and opportunity
  • We are a one stop shop for your entire capture and proposal effort

People and Processes that can Significantly Improve Pw

Functional Areas

Functional Areas that Support Capture and Proposals
  • Executive Strategy & Leadership
  • Market Identification & Analysis
  • Business Development / Sales
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Capture Management
  • Competition Assessment
  • Teaming and Partnering
  • Price-to-Win (PTW) Analysis
  • Proposal Management
  • Volume Leadership
  • Section Writers
  • Graphics
  • Publications
  • Orals Coaching
  • Program Management
  • Budgeting / Program Planning
  • Integrated Master Schedules (IMP/IMS)
  • Organization Architecture
  • Transition Planning
  • Design to Cost (DTC)
  • Earned Value Mgmt System (EVMS)
  • Operations / Facilities
  • Supply Chain / Subcontracts
  • Team Building
  • Negotiations
  • System Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Test Engineering
  • Cyber Solutions
  • Solution Architect
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Value Engineering

Full Spectrum of Support for Comprehensive Offering

Government Customers

Customers that have been supported by the Team (As Individuals)
  • US Army
    • PEO EIS
    • PEO C3T
    • PEO EIW&S
    • PEO Soldier
    • PEO Aviation
    • PEO STRI
    • LCMC, LRC
    • SEC
  • US Marine Corp
  • US Air Force
    • AFSPC
    • AFMC
    • SMDC
    • AFRL
    • AFLCMC
  • Intel
    • NSA
    • CIA
    • NRO
    • NGA
    • FBI
    • DIA
    • INSCOM
  • US Navy
    • SPAWAR
    • NAVSEA
    • NAVAIR
  • Civil
    • FAA
    • DHS
    • DOS
    • NASA
    • NOAA
    • Census

The Team's Experience is DoD, Intel, and Civil